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Jun 16 2012


Hello again!

I am writing to you now after a glorious week of meeting the amazing TFA Twin Cities Staff, my fellow 2012 Corps Members, the 2011 Corps Members, and some TFA alum in the area. I honestly believe that Induction was transformational and necessary for me. I don’t want to sound cheesy but Induction brought me a sense of closeness with my Corp (probably because it’s one of the smaller Corps with only 40 members), with my Staff, and with what I will soon be proud to call my community and my home. I know I have a lot left to learn about the area, about the kids, and about being an educator but after this week I know that I am making the right choice and that this is where I need to be. I know Institute is going to try me and I will have plenty of moments where I feel like just pulling out the tiny bit of hair I have on my head but Induction has brought me this new confidence and fire that assures me that I can do this. I am not perfect. I’ve come a long way to get here and I have a long way yet to go but this part of the journey is necessary.

I intentionally spared you the details of Induction but I will give you a very stripped down version of what occured. There was session after session from 8:30a till about 5p each day with a lunch break in between. I spent plenty of time getting to learn a bit more about my Corps and Twin Cities Staff , the specifics of the achievement gap in the Twin Cities and the forces in the community striving to break the achievement gap and end inequality in the Twin Cities. We spent time with the 2011s and gained vast knowledge and insights from them. I may even have already found a place to live! Now I am up, a little tired after a long day of hanging out with the 2011s and looking at a possible apartment. We decided as a Corp to split up into groups by car and all travel down to Chicago around the same time (about 7 am).


Right now: I am tired. I am excited. I am a little nervous. I am pumped to spend approx 8 hrs in a car getting to know 3 of my fellow Corps Members. I am ready to go to Institute!

Only lord knows when next I’ll post and what my attitude on this whole thing will be but thanks for reading and until next time.




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